Glenside Lions Donation for Scholarships and Grants

Glenside Lions have donated $2500 in April to Lions Medical Research Foundation SA for Scholarships and Grants for medical research. 

The Foundation is very keen indeed to grow and further develop the resources at its disposal so that more Lions Research Scholarships can be awarded to the very best PhD researchers.

The Foundation has over the past 11 years provided over $400,000 to enable the brilliant young people shown in this brochure to progress their research in health matters. This has only been possible as a result of the all-important support the Foundation receives from the 140 Lions Clubs in C1 and C2, as well as from bequests and other personal donations.

What is an absolute certainty is that all researchers of significance had to receive an opportunity to begin their journey. #WeServe

Together we can!

Through our work, we enhance better health, quality of living and strengthen communities.