Dr Robert Cooter AM Recognition Award

This award has been created as an opportunity to recognize worthy recipients, a Lion, Lioness, Leo, or a non Lion, a business or corporate beneficiary. 


No. Name Dist. No. Name Dist.
001 Prospect Blair Athol Lions Club C1 002 Robert Dewell OAM   LMRF C2
003 Noel O’Brien   C1 004 Marilyn Millar OAM C2
005 Graeme Pascoe OAM C1 006 Rhys Roberts OAM C2
007 Phillip Donato OAM C1 008 Hieu Van Le AC  
009 TBA   010 TBA  
011 Tony Siciliano C2 012 Lorraine McDonnell C2
013 Robert Winter C2 014 Richmond Lions Club C1
015 Deb Millar C2 016 Margaret Ramsay C1
017 Roger Searle C2 018 Trevor Phillips C2
019 Annette Slater C1 020 John Nagel C2
021 PDG Peter Sparnon C2 022 Daphne McWhinnie C1
023 Michael Fogden C2 024 Lyn Sparnon C2
025 Noellene Rawlins C2 026 Petra Ashton C2
027 Josie Radford C2 028 Carol Barnes C1
029 Dean Hewlett C2 030 Christine Haar C2
TBA Robert Kreig C1 TBA Craig Harris C2
TBA Heather Holmes C2 TBA Christopher Ashton C2

Applications for the Award

Learn more  about the award and how to apply.

“By supporting our best and brightest young medical scientists we are investing in healthy futures not only for our own community, but around the world where needs are pressing.”

Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC