Healthier Future

Our skin cancer mobile unit is a community screening service with serious impact:
  • 17,695 (March 2021) people have been screened.
  • A high referral rate of 23% to general practitioners for further investigation.
0 %
individuals were referred to general practitioners for further investigation.

Whyalla Skin Cancer Screening

Lions Skin Cancer Screening in Whyalla.

ABC Report

With the world’s highest rates of skin cancer, Lions take a mobile cancer screening unit to South Australia with the hope that early detection can save lives.

Hopes for mobile skin cancer screening unit to travel South Australia

by ABC News

The Lions Club in South Australia hopes to follow a Western Australia project of creating mobile skin cancer screening units… “We’ve been coming to South Australia for two years,” he said. “We’ve screened 1,800 people and found over 300 potentially life-threatening lesions…

Strong Communities

“Through our unwavering dedication to research funding and skin cancer screening, we strive to enhance better health, quality of living and strengthen communities. ”

Together we can. Together we will.